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02Spruce Tree Montessori School was founded on March 8, 2012 by Sabrina Binkley, an inspired parent, whose son attended Fairbanks Montessori School in Fairbanks, Alaska for three years (preschool and kindergarten, age 3 – 6).

During its inaugural year, Spruce Tree Montessori School welcomed seven students, in grades first and second. As the initial class ages and enrollment grows, an upper elementary classroom will be established for the 9 – 12 age group, grades 4 – 6.

Spruce Tree currently employs one Montessori-credentialed teacher, an assistant teacher, a school director and a cleaning assistant. The teacher manages all classroom activities and curriculum; the director is responsible for administrative tasks and serves as the organization’s chief executive officer; and the custodial service cleans the school facility.

The school is primarily funded by tuition. A signature fundraising event will occur each year in an effort to raise capital funds and community awareness, and there will likely be opportunities to raise small amounts of money through sales of school merchandise or other minor events.

Strategically, Spruce Tree Montessori intends to develop its reputation within the Fairbanks-North Pole community by providing a top-notch experience for children and families. Creating a balanced multi-age classroom is a top priority in the short term. In order to solidify its place in the educational community, Spruce Tree hopes to add year-round educational opportunities and establish an upper elementary classroom in the mid-term.

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