Scholarship Program

The goal of the Friends of Spruce Tree Montessori School Scholarship Program is to expand the educational opportunities in our community at the elementary level to families who desire a Montessori education for their child but have limited financial resources. The Friends of Spruce Tree hope to form a consortium of professionals, business owners and parents who engage in the education of the upcoming generation of leaders. As one of the first secular private elementary schools in Fairbanks, Spruce Tree will embrace cultural and economic diversity by welcoming all backgrounds, all religions, and those from all walks of life.

The mission of the Friends of Spruce Tree Montessori School, Inc. is to raise funds through fundraising efforts and a donor solicitation program for the purpose of awarding tuition assistance for attendance at Spruce Tree Montessori School. Tuition assistance will be awarded in the form of scholarships to qualified student candidates selected through an application and interview process. Scholarship funds will be remitted directly to Spruce Tree Montessori School in the award recipient’s name and applied to the family’s account balance for tuition. Scholarship awards are awarded at various levels based on qualified need up to $4,500 per school year or about half of annual tuition. The remaining balance is the responsibility of the family and shall be remitted to the school in accordance with the Financial Commitment Policy outlined on the Admissions Application. Other fees such as the Materials Fee, Cultural Enrichment fee, and extended day programming fees are the responsibility of the family. Scholarships are awarded and renewed on an annual basis.

The criteria for which candidates will be selected is as follows:

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