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Spruce Tree Montessori School COVID-19 MITIGATION PLAN – ARCHIVED as of 6/1/22. See Parent Handbook 2022-23 below for Wellness Guidelines. 

COVID-19 Current FAQ:  
  1. Do you still do Covid testing? Yes, we do antigen testing for free, anytime, with results within 15 minutes. Just call us 479-8733 to let us know you’re coming.
  2. Do you accept home test results or do we need to confirm our positive or negative test at school or a clinic? We accept the results of home tests.
  3. How long does my child have to stay home if they test positive? 5 days please, per CDC recommendations. Day 0 is the day of your positive test OR the date of onset of symptoms.
  4. What about close contacts this year? We will send an “Info Alert” email when we are informed of a positive test with general information; i.e. student’s/staff’s class and date of test or symptoms onset. We will not identify close contacts; we will allow parent choice for attendance, testing and masking. As we know, the risk is inherent; with or without symptoms, with or without masks, and with or without vaccination. Close contacts in the home should be treated cautiously; i.e. siblings and parents or children of a parent who tests positive should be tested and symptoms should be monitored.
  5. Are masks required? No, masks are welcome and optional.
We ask that you serve as our partners in wellness. Please keep your child home if they are sick.

Spruce Tree Montessori School Covid19 Testing Clinic – Testing Information

Testing Consent Form – required for testing

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