Virtual Classroom Resources

May Community Connections Schedule

Kindergarten Lesson w/ Ms. Kristen
Week 2, May 13 – Sea Life Subraction

Week 3, May 20 – My Cosmic Address  , Alaska

Week 4, May 27 – Red 7 Reading Drawer

Social Half Hour w/ Ms. Megan – Insect Theme – May 14
Coloring – Soccer

Coloring – Bike

Book Club w/ Ms. Sabrina: Flat Stanley, May 18 and 21

Field Trip Series w/ Ms. Annie: Environment Education Program by Nature’s Classroom Institute Montessori School, Wisconsin, MI

Brain Games w/ Ms. Erica — May 19
Brain Games_EL Logic Riddles

Brain Games_LogicPuzzle

Resources We Recommend for all Areas of our Curriculum: 

Children’s House

Children’s House Virtual Circle Time Guidelines

CH K_Packet of Activities

CH all_color_African animals

CH all_African rainforest animals

Elementary Printable Work Choices
These work choices are available for all elementary students. The grade level is a recommendation — some children move more quickly and some need more time in certain subjects — we suggest looking through the files with your child to make choices. If you have any questions, email Ms. Bryanna at .

File Name Key: EL 1-2_skip counting
EL (stands for Elementary)
1-2 (recommended grade level)
skip counting (basic description)

EL Support for Montessori at Home

Language: Reading, Writing, Research

We recommend reading out loud for 20 minutes every day. Parents can find comprehension questions online for nearly all children’s books. The book report template below helps your child pick out key points of reading, particularly non-fiction.

EL all_book report_note taking activity

You can find comprehension questions online for nearly all children’s books for free (or a small download fee). For example, here are comprehension questions for the book that Ms. Bryanna read aloud the first two weeks, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory:


Lower Elementary

EL 1-2_skip_counting

EL 1-2_match_numbers_to_names

EL 1-3_addition

EL 1-3_add_zero_99

EL 1-2_even_odd_activity

Grades 3 – 4

EL 3-4_triangle_facts

EL 3-4_skip_counting

EL 3-4_venn_2set_graphic

EL 3-4_venn_3set_graphic

EL 3-4_word_us_coins_addition

EL 3-4_fractions_adding_simple_visual

EL 3-4_fractions_visual

EL 3-4_fractions_adding_simple

Upper Elementary

EL 3-6_subtracting_mixed_fractions

EL 4-6_academic_activities

EL 5-6_Tongass Homeschool Activities

General Math Practice

EL two digit addition

EL_math graphing_calc_paper

Geography – all children are welcome to pick a country to study, gather information, and present via Zoom; (The template below is the basis for our annual Geography Fair.)

EL all_Geography Research country page

Fraction Materials – Elementary children have been exposed to fractions via the parts of a whole materials they’ve used in Children’s House and first/second grade. Children of all ages can print, color, and cut out these fraction templates to use at home. These manipulative materials provide a foundation for the fraction problem worksheets provided in the grades 3-4 and Upper Elementary sections above.

EL all_fraction material_halves

EL all_fraction material_thirds

EL all_fraction material_fourths

EL all_fraction material_fifths

EL all_fraction material_sixths

EL all_fraction material_sevenths

EL all_fraction material_eighths

EL all_fraction material _ninths

EL all_fraction material_tenths

Recipes from Chef Catey for weekly virtual cooking lessons. 

Bread Recipes

Sourdough Starter

Crepes: April 1