Learn more about the Montessori educational model and Spruce Tree Montessori School in this video interview of our Head of School by host of “Discover Fairbanks” host and alumni parent, Justin Hemminger.

All About Spruce Tree Montessori Video


“All of the staff there are nothing but amazing and have truly made a positive impression in my kids’ lives. Thank you!” – Rebekah McGlinchey, mother of two (1st and 5th grade)

I feel so fortunate that we are a part of your program and community. The passion that your teachers bring to helping young people develop is heartening and so evident when they speak about their work during parent programs.
-Father of 4 year old boy

We so appreciate that our kids have learned the Pledge of Allegiance at school. This weekend, our kids wanted to say the Pledge to the flag on our deck before breakfast. We repeated this activity several times during the fall break (sometimes in our PJ’s). Thanks for all you do to teach my kids, from the things you say and do, but also by who you are.
-Father of 1st grade boy and 4 year old girl

Thank you for providing such an amazing school. I know it’s a lot of work and I appreciate everything you’ve done to grow our community!
-Mother of kindergarten girl