About Us

Vision & Mission 

Our vision is to nurture a conscientious spirit in children, families and educators that empowers all to make a positive impact in their community and world while leading a productive and happy life.

The mission of Spruce Tree Montessori School is to create an experience that we all love.

We seek to instill a lifetime love of learning in students by providing authentic Montessori early childhood and elementary education in an inspiring environment using the Montessori philosophy to guide all aspects of our operation.

Spruce Tree Montessori works to promote the Montessori philosophy throughout the Fairbanks community in an effort to further inform the general public of its benefits.

Spruce Tree is a Full Member School as recognized by the American Montessori Society (AMS), www.amshq.org, and has achieved full implementation of the AMS Standards & Criteria for Accredited Schools. Spruce Tree is registered with the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development (AK DOED) as a private-exempt school.

The Six Pillars of Character at STMS

The Six Pillars are presented by the Head of School to the elementary cohort during the beginning of the school year in order to expose students to the perceptions and skills that develop and strengthen personal character. The outcome is that students gain an understanding that certain character traits can improve mental and physical health, aid in the development of human connection, and increase productivity.

The six pillars of character at STMS are:

RESPECT – for self, others and the environment.

RESPONSIBILITY – through actions, through words, through thoughts, through choices and decisions.

CURIOSITY – daily demonstrations of a strong desire to know or learn something

PRODUCTIVITY – by putting forth effective effort in order to make or produce something. Make something of yourself. You are the product of your effort.

HONESTY – Be truthful. Be genuine. Be trustworthy.

CONSCIENTIOUS – wishing to do what is right; striving always to do one’s work well and thoroughly on the path toward mastery.

A Note from Our Founder

I believe Spruce Tree Montessori School will offer your child the best educational experience in Fairbanks. It is not only a part of my mission as founder of this school, but also a personal desire, to instill a lifetime love of learning in the hearts and minds of the children of Spruce Tree. Together we will embark on a wonderful adventure with our children at a crucial time in their lives. My children have inspired me to look deeper at the value of their learning potential, and I seek the best for them. I recognize that you want the best for your child as well. Let’s achieve that together.

Sincerely yours,
Sabrina Binkley
Founder of Spruce Tree Montessori School

Learn more about Spruce Tree Montessori School in this video interview of our Head of School by host of “Discover Fairbanks” host and alumni parent, Justin Hemminger.

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