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Physical Education & Health/Wellness Curriculum
Spruce Tree Montessori School aims to educate the whole child. This approach yields students who are academically stimulated, socially aware and confident, and physically fit. Our physical education (PE) curriculum focuses on physical activity and fitness, health, wellness, and nutrition.

Physical education will support the development of a wide variety of fine and gross motor activities that involve locomotion, non-locomotion, and manipulation of objects. Students will be engaged in a variety of physical activities that emphasize social interaction, future participation, and enjoyment of life-long physical activity.

Unit studies will be organized in 6 – 7 week segments offering activities inside and outside the classroom. Guest instructors, coaches and volunteers will be utilized for specialized topics during the unit. The PE period is during the afternoon work cycle for approximately 45 minutes, four days per week, depending on the unit. In addition to learning the physical aspect of various sports, students will review and learn other aspects of the sport as well: history of/rules of the game, strategies of competition, and wellness habits for leading an active lifestyle.

Program Unit Studies include but are not limited to:

  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Music/Movement/Dance
  • Tae-kwan-do
  • Curling
  • Ice Skating
  • Running/Biking