School Calendar & Tuition Information

Spruce Tree Montessori School is a year round educational experience.

Our Unique School Calendar
One way we believe we can support the whole child is to provide consistency and familiarity year round. We have become an ‘all seasons’ resource for families, providing a community that is available for all of the traditional school year fun, including seasonal celebrations and weekend birthday parties, but our calendar adds summertime BBQ’s and camping trips to the family calendar.

We are compelled and inspired by our now popular year around calendar and have been witness to the benefits of consistency of routine and academic continuation through all seasons across all ages. 

Our calendar is particularly beneficial for our older students, in 1st – 6th grades, as we have found that the two week break is just enough time for the R&R they need, but we find there to be virtually no ‘learning loss’ during the two week time period. Learning loss is defined as the information lost during a lengthy break, most commonly occurring during traditional summer breaks when students are not engaged in academic activities consistently. We believe in breaks — shorter, more frequent breaks.  

We offer on average 15 more days of instruction than the local school district* which is an additional 3 school weeks of teacher-student interaction time over the course of the year. We provide a rich, connected educational experience that allows for baking cookies spontaneously, taking nature walks on nice days, and playing board games on many Friday afternoons! We savor the extra hours we have with our students in order to connect with them on many levels.

School Calendar 2023-24

School Calendar 2024-25 Upcoming School Year

*The Fairbanks Northstar Borough School District calendars 170 school days including at least 11 early out dismissals.

Tuition Summary
Tuition and fees at Spruce Tree vary depending on the program options you choose. Tuition is billed monthly, due on the first of the month, August – June.

There is a financial commitment prior to your child’s first day of school: an enrollment deposit due April 15 to reserve your child’s spot for fall and a materials fee due July 1. There are no additional application, school supply, technology or activity fees.

Spruce Tree provides all student school supplies (pencils, paper, notebooks, journals, art supplies, etc) for the year as well as a healthy daily morning snack for all students. Our classrooms are equipped with the essential collection of Montessori-approved materials as defined by the American Montessori Society.

All students (preschool through 6th grade) attend school five days per week. We enjoy 7-hour school days, 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. There are no calendared “early out” days and we do not close school for parent-teacher conferences. We do offer a half day preschool/kindergarten program, 8:30 am – 12:45 pm, Monday – Friday, if space is available.

Optional programs include extended day programs (before/after school), Hot Lunch, Swim, Climb, Skate, Bike and Ski Clubs; fees apply. Students and parents have unlimited access to the school library collection and all students receive an enrollment gift on the first day of school.

Tuition Schedule 2023-24

Tuition Schedule 2024-25 Upcoming School Year

We offer an Elementary Sibling discount: Oldest child’s tuition reduced by 2%. Eligibility: Two (2) or more children enrolled at the same time for a minimum of three (3) academic sessions, one in elementary.

We offer tuition assistance through the Friends of Spruce Tree Montessori School Scholarship Program and will consider other payment plans by request. For more information, click on “Scholarship Program” or call 479-TREE.